Uw voordelen in een oogopslag (sommige functies zijn optioneel)

OptiCare mattress is compatible with Multicare and Eleganza 5 beds. The controls for both the mattress and bed are integrated into a single control panel built into the bed. The customisable user interface provides the clinical staff with the option to modify the controls on the interface and allows control of only the required features.

In the context of pressure ulcers, microclimate usually refers to skin temperature and moisture conditions at the skin-support surface interface. OptiCare helps maintain the natural thermoregulation by circulating air through the mattress surface.

  • Helps control the heat and humidity of the patient’s skin, which is an important part of maintaining tissue viability.

The mattress can be deflated by simply pressing the electronic CPR button on the control panel integrated into the bed. Alternatively, it can be manually deflated through a mechanism directly on the mattress. Following deflation, the patient lies on a firm mattress platform, which facilitates effective resuscitation techniques.

  • After sixty minutes of deflation, the mattress will automatically return to the optimal pressure stribution mode or to the maximum inflation mode, thereby limiting any factors that may have an adverse mpact on the prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers.

The heel section has a 7-degree slope and is lined with a softer foam that gives the patient above-standard comfort. This significantly reduces the risk of heel pressure ulcers.

The heel section of the mattress can be automatically adjusted when the bed frame is extended.

The upper section of the cover consists of highly moisture and vapour permeable (MVP) two-way stretch material.

  • A full 360-degree zip to allow easy removal for cleaning or replacement.
  • The zip is covered by a waterproof flap to protect the mattress against fluid ingress.

This mode reduces speed and noise in order to minimise the disturbance of the patient during sleep. The clinical efficacy of the mattress is maintained even when switching to sleep mode.

The even distribution across the entire body area eliminates excessive pressure at the risk points thanks to above-standard immersion and envelopment.

  • IMMERSION: the depth of the patient’s level in relation to the mattress surface.
  • ENVELOPMENT: the degree to which the patient is surrounded by the mattress.

Optimisation Detection System: Six detectors within the mattress sense the patient’s level of immersion and facilitate the automatic adjustment of the pressure throughout the mattress to adjust to each patient’s weight, height, and position. The pressure on the patient’s body is low in all places and optimally distributed.

Technische kenmerken

Safe working load 250 kg
Length 214 cm
Width 86 cm
Height 22 cm
Weight 10 kg
Max Inflate After 30 minutes, returns back to CLP
Microclimate management modes High, low, off
CPR 1 button CPR, automatic inflation after 60 minutes
Transport mode Yes



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